Greenhouse Farming in Nigeria

What is Greenhouse Farming?

Greenhouse farming is the type of farming in which vegetable crops are grown in built structures (wood, plastic, metal and net). Greenhouse vegetable farming is one ideal way to ensure optimum yields of a variety of vegetables grown in the country. Types of vegetables grown in a greenhouse include cucumbers, sweet pepper, lettuce and tomatoes. These vegetable are the most profitable due to its high consumption in the country.



Why consider Greenhouse Farming?

  1. It requires a small land area for production.
  2. A greenhouse protects the crops against adverse weather conditions, pests and diseases.
  3. There are an easy temperature control and practice of IPM(integrated pest management) ideal for production
  4. A greenhouse ensures higher yields and improved quality of vegetables.
  5. There is an efficient use of resources such as water and nutrients.
  6. The greenhouse can last longer and it is highly profitable.

Factors to consider when setting up a greenhouse


An ideal location for a greenhouse is where the light intensity is high, temperatures are mild, and atmospheric humidity is moderate. Such environment is good for crop growth.

Type of Greenhouse/Construction:

This is mostly dependent on the owner’s capital and other available resources. A greenhouse can be classified according to the type of materials used in its construction. This can either be a low-cost greenhouse, a semi-tech or a high-tech greenhouse. Low-cost greenhouses are usually constructed with wood/net with no control components. A semi-tech is usually constructed with metals with net and plastic coverings with some control components. In high-tech greenhouses, crops are raised in a fully controlled environment (temperature, humidity etc.).

Source of water:

Having an available and good source of water will ensure all year round production.

Type of crop:

This is largely dependent on the available market as well as consumer preference. The crops you grow can be greenhouse crops or open field crops which also do well in a greenhouse.

Market availability:  

Before one decides to enter into production, it is advisable to undertake a simple market survey to ensure the type of crop in need. Also, have a cropping schedule that always meets market demand.




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