Turkey Production in Nigeria

Turkey farming in Nigeria is now gradually increasing because of the awareness and many benefits derived from rearing turkeys. Turkey supply eggs and can be source of meat and their multi-coloured plumage can be used for decorations. The poultry industry in Nigeria is expanding rapidly and meat and egg production is an important aspect in satisfying the undying needs and wants of the people.
Turkey population in Nigeria
Turkeys in Nigeria are primarily reared for meat or as breeders to produce hatching eggs. They are rarely kept for the production of table eggs though the eggs are edible. The growth of turkey industry in Nigeria has risen to 1.5- 2 million tons per year. This fast growth in the industry was made possible by intensification of production and development of large breeds with standard weights ranging from 15- 17kg for male and 8-10kg for females. Some of these come from homestead.

turkey production in Nigeria
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Factors Contributing to the Success of livestock farms in Nigeria

When an agripreneur establishes an agri-business, a great deal of work goes into making it a success. Experienced agripreneur will tell you that success in agribusiness is planned and does not happen by accident. Several factors contribute to the success of livestock farms in Nigeria, and understanding what they are and how they work together can help your agri-business succeed.
Fund: Fund must be available as when needed according to plan to avoid creating stress factors which would cost so much in revenue loss.
Housing: Proper ventilation and spacing is a critical success factor. Position your house to give the animal’s maximum ventilation and reduce heat.

livestock farms in Nigeria
Biosecurity: Disease entrance and spread are as a result Read More