Cost and Returns of Broiler production in Nigeria

Cost and returns of broiler production is often a critical factor to be considered once there is a concept to invest in broiler production cost and returns of broiler production in Nigeria is important so as to evaluate the viability of investment in broiler production for “return of investment cost” and profit, which however could be foreseeably determined based on certain regulating principles of broiler production.

Generally the regulating principles of broiler production, accounts for the optimistic and pessimistic views and approach towards the cost and returns estimation of broiler production so as to provide a clear and accurate situation for the expectation of investment in broiler production. However, the projection of the costs and returns of broiler production in Nigeria can be practically be unactualized, actualized even more so surprising, depending on the management of the broiler as with every other livestock. These principles are vital to provide a bankable business plan for an investor for broiler production. Read More

Broiler production in Nigeria: A Good Start-up Business for every Agripreneur

Broiler production is a good start up business for every agripreneur in Nigeria. Even with the concept of “start small and grow big” or by massive deployment of capital for commercial start-up. Broiler production in Nigeria as a start-up business for every agripreneur provides an opportunity for a source of income, as well as a means to fulfil a need within and across the socio-economic populace of Nigeria. Agripreneurs, who wish to start up broiler production in Nigeria, like every other entrepreneurs, should be detailed about the (SWOT) Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats as peculiar to broiler production in Nigeria.
Strength of broiler production as can be perceived by an agripreneur include the fast return to investment nature of broiler production, due to short time required (6-8 weeks) for the production cycle and the ability for broiler meat to command a good price, which pays off the investment and production cost with allowance of substantial profit for the agripreneur within a shorter possible time; which however can only be actualized on the basis of good management. Read More


Dog breeding in Nigeria is a very lucrative business if properly managed. Gone are the days where dogs are mainly kept for security purposes. Dogs are now kept as pet and for companionship due to their cute look and friendly nature.
Get required knowledge- it is important to get trained by breeders who are already in the business to equip yourself with adequate information about breeds of dogs, prices, their behaviours, handling and feeding.
Parent Stock- selecting the parent stock/breed remains the greatest challenge in dog breeding, because any mistake in choosing can ruin the business before even starting. Different areas have different breeds of dogs that sells fast. Things to have in mind when selecting parent stock:

• Choose breed you are familiar with the nature of handling and behaviour.
• Choose breed you can easily market for the puppies.
• Choose parent stock with a proper vaccination record. Read More


Good pig feed contains sufficient energy, protein, minerals& vitamins. It is advisable to feed your pigs twice a day (morning and evening). The age of your pig depends on the type of feed they will eat. Young pigs need succulent diet high in amino acid. After three months, young pigs could be put on adult feed that will have lower levels of protein. Aside from concentrates (formulated feed), you can offer your pigs other feedstuffs like grass, vegetables and kitchen waste.
What makes up the pigs feed
– Carbohydrate
– Protein
– Fat and oil
– Minerals
– Vitamins
– Water
Some feed ingredient for formulation of ration for pigs.
Maize- Grains forms major constituent of the

Read More


Pigs are kept in almost all the farms in Nigeria. It is still common to find pigs roaming freely around communities in rural areas of southern Nigeria than in the Northern parts due to religious taboo associated with pig farming. However, pig farming enterprises are also found in and around towns and cities in many areas of Nigeria, and stands a good lucrative source of income when properly managed like every other farming business.
Good pig farming in Nigeria relies on a combination of inter connected aspects such as housing, breeding and reproduction, nutrition, disease prevention & control and management; which are incorporated into intensive system of pig keeping to achieved a desirable and sustainable production. Read More

How to Start Pig Farming In Nigeria

Today, pig farming is considered to be one of the most lucrative business ventures in Nigeria. People who are into pig farming can confirm that this is true. They will confirm that they have reaped quite attracting profits from pig farming.
Benefits of Pig Farming in Nigeria
• They are fast growing. They convert concentrate feed to meat twice as efficiently as ruminants.
• They have high fecundity and prolificacy and short generation interval.
• They have a quicker turn-over rate on investment as compared to other livestock animals.
• Pigs are highly prolific. A sow can give birth to a litter containing 7 to 18 piglets, about 2 – 3
times a year. The gestation period of a sow is 114 – 115 days (3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days).

What to consider before starting pig farming in Nigeria
Secure a good location: you need to select a suitable location to be able to set up a pig farm, when selecting a site for establishing a pig farm, the following must be considered:
– The location must be far from residential areas because of the odour
– Must be close to good source of water to ensure adequate sanitation
– Close to market, so as to reduce cost of transportation and mortality. Read More

10 ways you can make money investing in Heliculture

Heliculture is still a fresh and growing business in the Nigeria agricultural sector but its constant growth as really been amazing so many people are investing into snail farming due to its low start-up capital, and high yield and returns snail. Here are amazing reasons why you should invest in Heliculture:
• Income can be generated in heliculture as a breeder, snails could be sold at any age depending on the choice of the farmer/breeder.
• You can make money by raising and selling hatchling to start-up snail breeders. Read More