4 Reasons why you should invest in a career in agriculture

Agricultural business is one in every of the few industries that has systematically continued to develop throughout history.
While it has seen unbelievable growth, it’s also an industry that has often overlooked by young professionals and graduates until now. Graduates are now realizing the enormous benefits of launching their careers in agriculture for its personal and monetary rewards.
Here are the reasons why you should invest in a career in agriculture:
Different career selection
More is in agriculture than just cultivation of plants. But the diverse careers available to aspiring professionals are often marked up. Your role doesn’t need to be on a farm and for most people, it isn’t. There is an incredible variety of career options for recent graduate, beginners and professionals, and you can be sure that there is something for everyone. The industry needs marketing and advertising experts not only to sell agricultural products to consumers, but to also determine what they want. Agriculture also needs sales experts to sell products to consumers, and agricultural equipment to manufacturing firms. The industry also works in conjunction with logistics professionals who are able to develop supply chain management strategies that ensure productions levels meet demand, and that storage, transport and consumption of raw materials is sound. Read More

Essentials for a successful agripreneurs

Agripreneurs are a new breed of entrepreneurs combining their love of farming and agriculture with business. They are not really farmers and can range from any age group. A successful agripreneur is one who has the ability to think outside the box, recognizing opportunities which others could not see. Below are some of the essentials of successful agripreneurs:

  • Vision: “without vision, one is like a ship without a rudder and is in danger of drifting aimlessly”- John Walters. An agripreneurs must have a vision which drives him to achieve a goal, and be somewhat motivational so that he is constantly being reminded of what he is trying to achieve when the going gets tough.
  • Focus: when you have a vision, it will help you stay focused. Focus helps in the proper allocation and management of resourc Read More


Agric businesses are the most lucrative businesses in the world? Apart from the low-cost of start up and running the business, agricultural businesses turn out a huge profit of up to 100%. There is a whole lot of opportunities in there, with the increase in unemployment, young people are now embracing agriculture which was previously considered a dirty business reserved only for the poor.

Agriculture is not a way of life. It is not a social sector or a development activity, despite what people may claim. Agriculture is a business. And the more we treat it as a business, as a way to create wealth, the more it will promote development and improve people’s lives to boot.

While just as any other business, agriculture can be profitable, most people who venture into it or intend to, make little to no research on what to expect in the industry. They believe starting an agribusiness will make them millionaires or highly successful entrepreneurs in the shortest possible time, and so, are not sensitive enough to make deep researches into what challenges, opportunities, and disappointments a lot of existing farmers already face. They simply follow the trend, start up what someone is already doing, and within two years, shutdown the farm to do something else. Read More



Making money from agri-business may seem like an old way of doing things. However, in reality agriculture still remains one of the principal sectors of the global economy. In Nigeria for instance, agriculture contributes 27% of the gross domestic product.

In order to succeed in this sector, it is important to acquire a great deal of entrepreneurial skills. Agriculture, is no-longer an art, Agriculture is a business. And the more we treat it as a business, as a way to create wealth, the more it will promote development and improve people’s lives. Here are 5 tips for making money from Agric businesses:

(1)Think about value addition and agro-processing to attract higher returns for your farm products: value addition is the process of changing or transforming a product from its original state to a more valuable state. This enable producer/farmer to produce what the consumer desire, there by generating more income.

(2)Embrace technology to market your products and to expand your scope of information: Today, E-farming is fast growing in Nigeria. E-farming is gaining more popularity with the increasing number of people who are gaining internet access and are becoming IT literate. Read More



What type of career do you aspire to have? Do you want to be a doctor, a business oriented, or a policymaker? Or, have you ever wanted to become a farmer? I would not be surprised if you said no.
When weighing career choices, many young people in the developing world tend to shy away from agriculture. I, too, once found myself unhappy by the small villages and farms I grew up seeing every day. As the conventional belief goes, agriculture means an old-fashioned lifestyle and a future with limited opportunities for youth.
But I later learned I was wrong. Plenty of evidence shows us that agriculture provides youth a viable way to harvest success and grow a sustainable future. In other words, I believe youth can, and should, choose agriculture. Here are five reasons: Read More