Heliculture System Of Production

Basically there are two system of management in Heliculture. These include:

  • The condition of the environment closely resembles the natural habit of snails compared to other systems.
  • Low labour and low general management input i.e. inexpensive to maintain
  • The farmer needs not purchase feed because it is already available in the snailery.
  • There is no restriction on the movement of the snails.
  • Little control over the performance of snails 
  • It requires a lot of land compared to others of production.
  • Record keeping is difficult.
  • Poor disease management.
  • The snails are exposed to predators’ attacked (e.g. soldier ants)
  • Mortality rate could be higher than other systems.
  • Semi-Intensive System
  • The system is like the extensive system except that the snails are supplied
  • with feeds besides what is grown in the snailery

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Choosing Foundation Stock

   The most reliable way of obtaining foundation stock is from known breeders, or from agricultural institutes. Such parent snails might be more expensive than snails from other sources, but they are better and safer because they have been properly fed and managed from hatching, and have not been damaged during collection and subsequent handling. Once the snail farm is established, farmers should select breeding stock from their own snails. Breeding stock must be selected in the wet season preceding aestivation.

It is recommended to use sexually mature snails, weighing at least 100-125 g, as first breeding stock. Farming should preferably start at the onset of the wet season, because that is the time snails normally start to breed. Snails are active at night and on cloudy or foggy mornings. During the day they tend to keep well hidden, so it is best to collect them at night or early in the morning, when the sun is low and the humidity high.

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Firstly what is Heliculture? Also known as snail farming, is the process of raising land snails specifically for human use. So much is yet to be tapped from commercial snail farming. The market is large considering the high demand for a meat low in cholesterol with high concentration of protein; calcium and other vital nutrients. Snail is very medicinal. In recent times the very few who have found out this business potential have inquired about the skills and methodology of rearing snail. In this article, I will be exposing core secrets required to start this business right from the comfort of your home or farm. The good news is that you don’t need any university degree in agriculture to do this business and you don’t need to quit your job too. After reading this article, you will be on your way to start your own snail business in easy and simple steps…..Making ₦1,000,000annually in snail rearing is a done deal if you do it well and get it right.

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